Web File

  • File format : PSD

  • Resolution : 72dpi

  • Color mode : RVB

  • Unit : pixels

Models to provide

  • Homepage

  • Inner Page

  • Simple email template

  • Favicon

Tips for creating

  • Maximum width to the body site : 1000px

  • Sizes : Try to use values ​​that fall just (example : use émargements 10px by 10 px)

  • Benchmarks : place the key benchmarks

  • Fonts : use system fonts ( Arial, Verdana, Tahoma , Trebuchet MS , etc.) and avoid multiple fonts (maximum 3 for use)

  • Texts: no smoothing

  • Try to harmonize the size of titles for different styles (example : H2 must be the same size regardless of the applied style)

  • Avoid problems too hard shadows , bevels

  • Readability: Try to space them about elements 10px


Inside page

  • Provide 3 styles paragraphs maximum (example: single / background color / net)

  • See the page of a block structure


  • Photoshop Layers: organized and named

  • Photoshop files : grouping and naming

  • Put each item on a separate layer for easy cutting (example: button with a pictogram > separate the bottom of the pictogram )

  • Indicate the color of the default links

  • Predict rollovers of each link / button on separate layers ( hidden )

  • Anticipate GB versions on separate layers ( hidden )

Simple email template

  • Decline a simple header except in special brief (recommended size : 650px)

  • Provide versions FR and GB

  • Specify color title , links, and supervision, the default found in the MCI / MCO


  • The maximum width is 700px

  • Two types of links should be represented at the top and bottom of the newsletter respectively the mirror link and unsubscribe links ( labels such links does not vary from one media to another )

  • Avoid irregular émargements that are very difficult to meet in a table structure without affecting the identical display in the main webmail

  • Consider when graphic design as background images do not appear in all webmail

  • If the newsletter is very graphic , sizes are usually fixed

  • Represent three styles of content

  • No exotic font can not be used

  • Note: The use of scripts and flash is not possible