Design +

This document provides information on the documents and information required for a comprehensive graphical brief.

1- Documents to include in brief

  • The graphics if it exists. With hex codes (RGB).

  • The logo in .EPS format in order to separate it from the background if needed .

  • A plate or support " print" that will allow us to adapt the graphic to the site ( .PDF )

  • Optionally, the typos.

  • Pictures, or other visual thereby making photomontages , various creations , etc. Please note, use rights must be purchased in advance.

  • Possibly the textual content.

  • The tree structure of the site.

2- Informations

  • What is the target? This can move towards some specific graphics choice.

  • What resolution for the site?If not specified , the site will be adapted to the standard 1024*768 resolution.

  • What information highlight ? ... to put on all pages of the site? ... to put only on the home page? (Exemples : date, baseline, etc.)

  • What content ? For example: " On the home page should appear : a login box, news, sponsors , editorial , footer with " copyrights "etc." Do not hesitate to get in shape this content in the diagramming . Must be filled in the contents of the home and interior pages.

  • Special wishes for navigation? ...horizontal? ...verticale? ....or level 1 horizontal vertical then the rest ?

  • Accurate to expectations? ... For example on the issue of color.

  • Competing sites ? Or sites that are like ? Do not hesitate to list of URLs that can help us identify your expectations.